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Grundy County, Illinois is known for its rich history, charming communities, and industrious spirit. At Tomczak Law Group, we are proud to offer our renowned legal services to the people and businesses that form the backbone of this vibrant region. Our dedicated attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that our clients in Grundy County receive the representation they deserve.

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Whether you are in Morris, Coal City, or any of the wonderful communities in Grundy County, Tomczak Law Group is here to safeguard your interests. Give us a call at 📞(815) 723-4400 to experience the epitome of legal advocacy.

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  • Community Focused: As community members ourselves, we understand the importance of fostering a just and fair society in Grundy County.
  • Expert Counsel: Our team of seasoned attorneys specializes in various legal fields, ensuring that you receive expert counsel regardless of your legal concerns.
  • Client-Centric Approach: At Tomczak Law Group, our clients are our top priority. We strive to provide personalized services tailored to each client's unique needs.
  • Tenacious Representation: We vigorously represent our clients in a range of legal matters, including personal injury, family law, estate planning, and criminal defense.

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$10,000,500 Settlement

This case was declined in writing by one of the largest and most respected law firms in Chicago. Like we always tell our clients – EXPERIENCE & RESULTS matter and so should YOUR case!


Verdict for an Car Accident Shoulder injury

$2,100,000 SETTLEMENT

Nurse Malpractice involving child’s finger(s) loss

Civil Rights Lawsuit

Civil Rights Lawsuit filed for a man shot by the Joliet Police Department

$12,000,000 Settlement

Class action consumer fraud lawsuit involving unsafe products for children

$3,500,000 Settlement

RECORD Will County SETTLEMENT – Joliet asphalt maker to pay widow more than $3 million

Our Practice Areas in Grundy County

At our law firm, we have experienced personal injury lawyers who can help you get the compensation that your injuries and medical bills deserve.

We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine if there are grounds for legal action-but don't worry! You'll be in good hands with us on this one because no matter what kind of damages or losses occur during an accident; all clients receive aggressive representation from intelligent professionals dedicated 100% toward achieving maximum recovery possible through litigation proceedings when necessary

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Why Choose Tomczak Law Group?

Championing Justice in Our Local Communities for Over 25 Years

The Tomczak Law Group: Your Trusted Legal Advocate in Joliet, Illinois

Proudly serving justice in our local communities

From our office in the heart of Joliet, Illinois we have offered steadfast legal support to countless clients in the area and beyond, solidifying our commitment to the communities we serve.

Expansive Reach Across Illinois' Diverse Counties

Our team's dedication extends far beyond Joliet. We've been in the trial courtrooms of several counties, including Will, Du Page, Cook, Grundy, Kankakee LaSalle, fighting for the rights of individuals and families in both small towns and large cities.

Expertise in High-Profile Cases

Our extensive experience encompasses some of the most serious and high-profile cases in personal injury, accident, and criminal defense law. At The Tomczak Law Group, we're not just about handling cases; we're about delivering justice.

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Grundy County Personal Injury FAQ

The legal journey can be intricate and taxing. Our Grundy County Personal Injury & Legal FAQ is your compass for preliminary guidance. However, we understand that each case deserves individualized attention. That’s why Tomczak Law Group offers FREE consultations to examine the specifics of your case.

Our attorneys combine legal acumen with a genuine commitment to the Grundy County community. We meticulously analyze your case and provide insights. If you choose to move forward, we will ardently fight for your rights and justice.

What if the person responsible for the accident doesn't have insurance?

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If the responsible party doesn't have insurance, you might be able to recover damages from your own insurance company under an uninsured/underinsured boater policy. An attorney can help navigate this process.

Are personal injury awards taxable?

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In general, compensation for physical injuries and illnesses from a personal injury claim are not taxable. However, certain aspects like interest on the award and damages for emotional distress may be taxable.

How can I contact Tomczak Law Group?

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You can reach out to Tomczak Law Group by calling us at (815) 723-4400 or send us a message, to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We're here to help you navigate the complexities of your product liability case.

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If you're going through a tough legal battle, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. The attorneys at our firm are here to provide you with the skilled legal representation you need to get through this challenging time.

We have a track record of success in complex cases, and we're ready to fight for you. We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with legal proceedings, and we'll do everything we can to help you get the best possible outcome. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you get the justice you deserve.

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When you're in need of an attorney who will fight for your rights, look no further than The Tomczak Law Group.

With offices located throughout Will County and nearby areas including Joliet (just outside Chicago), our team has successfully represented clients across this wide-ranging terrain from criminal defense matters all the way down to personal injury claims--with only one goal: To ensure justice is served!

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